Muhammad Ramadhan Dwiki Asmaradani, Arif Arizal, Rani Purbaningtyas


Election of the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Engineering (BEM FT) Bhayangkara University Surabaya is an activity where each student uses his voting rights. The selection is done by voting with the candidate who has the most votes coming out as winners. The selection of the Governor of UB's FT BEM is still not maximally indicated by the voter data, which is still small compared to the number of active students. Procedures that are still conventional with students having to go to campus to vote can be the cause. Therefore, the use of information and communication technology gave rise to the idea of making an electronic voting system or commonly called Android-based E-Voting using the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). E-Voting is a method of voting and vote counting in an election using a mobile phone electronic device. In other words, this technology makes it easy for voters in a general election to exercise their voting rights by using electronic and internet media. With the E Voting, it is expected that the interest of students to participate in giving more votes and the sound processing process will be faster.

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