Azis Abdul Ardiansyah, Syariful Alim, Fardanto Setyatama


At present, the data and information processing requires speed and accuracy. Based on the knowledge we are studying, to Obtain it must be supported by an Appropriate and efficient information technology and relevant to its application. PT. Meco Inoxprima is one of the company's processing equipment and factories that will the make the payroll process to its employees and the make payroll report as accountability to the management of the company. The process of recording and calculation of Salaries applied by the company is still less effective Because The process is done only a few through the system that causes the salary process is Often too late. In solving the problem then the authors designed a payroll information system employees. In this design, the author uses the NetBeans IDE 8.2 programming language, with the database format using mysql, and the results of the reports using iReport NetBeans IDE 8.2. The results of this study Obtained a java-based payroll information system employees. Information Obtained from this system are: employee self-Data related to payroll and employee salary slips.

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