Rapid Application Development (RAD) Method For Developing Clinical Laboratory Information System (Case Study: PT. Populer Sarana Medika)

Fardanto Setyatama, IrwanKurnia A


The use of information technology has transformed laboratory service from conventional way (by using paper/manually) into using computer-based Information System (IS). The output of computer-based IS could also be used for management as service quality improvement. Patient data along with their laboratory test result stored electronically in IS become a valuable asset for the clinical laboratory as well as the
patient itself. PT. Populer Sarana Medika is trying to utilize information technology as their competitive strategy to improve interoperability with agencies, to integrate information systems between their departments, and also to improve their overall quality of service. This paper mainly discuss about the use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) method in the development of Clinical Laboratory Information System (CLIS). RAD method could accelerate the development of IS which is normally done in 180 days (minimum) to only 30-90 days. By using RAD method, it is expected that the IS would be easier to implement and quicker to develop. The result shows that CLIS is built within 5
months and the score of ease of use from user is 4.18 out of 5. The Cronbach’s Alpha of the CLIS evaluation questionnaire is 0.748, showing that it is quite reliable (>0.60)

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